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Is it possible to execute Stored Procedures from SQLyog/SJA 'SQL Scheduler and Reporting Tool'?


Yes, it is -

Provided - of course - that the MySQL server version supports this. To execute a Stored Procedure simply include this SQL

call my_db.my_proc();


call my_db.my_proc(parameterlist);

in the SQL executed with the job. There is nothing special in this respect with the call() SQL statement compared to other SQL statements.

However - there are two restrictions:

  • When executing Stored Procedures having OUT or INOUT -parameters the OUT -values will not be 'picked up' by the SJA and thus the OUT -values can't be used in a subsequent statement - because they simply are not available. We are working on a solution to this.
  • When executing Stored Procedures when connected with HTTP-tunneling the resultset of a SELECT-query inside that Stored Procedure cannot be 'handed over' to PHP if the php_mysql() method is used for the connection. That is a restriction with the PHP php_mysql extension itself. As a consequence it is not possible to have e-mailed a resultset of a SELECT-query inside that Stored Procedure. To solve that the PHP php_mysqli extension must be used. From version 5.23 SQLyog supports HTTP-tunneling with the php_mysqli() connection method.


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