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Can I use SQLyog with the WINE Windows emulator on LINUX.

Yes - you can. Actually SQLyog is a very popular application used by Linux/wine users.  And it is not restricted to Linux.  It is equally true for all Unix-type environments where Wine is available. SQLyog is fully functional under Wine. Even the SJA (SQLyog Job Agent) for Windows is. However with specific Linux distro's and Wine versions some issues may occur (in general the more recent the Wine environment the fewer and less important issues).  Issues are mostly cosmetical. One specific issue with fonts is described at the end of this article.

To install SQLyog on Linux follow the steps:

1) Install Wine if you don't have it already. If your version is not recent consider to upgrade. Wine is a systems' component and you must refer to the documentation of your LINUX distribution for information on how to do this

2) You must install SQLyog to a folder where you have read, write and execute privilege. Here we shall - for simplicity - see how to install for one user only (user 'me' ( = you ) ) in the user's own folder tree. The installation directory in the example here is /home/me/programs/sqlyog. This example assumes a file systems' mount similar to the standard installation of most distributions. Then do like this: Get the common SQLyog installer for Windows from our Downloads page or our Customer Portal. Place a copy in your home directory ( /home/me ). All SQLyog editions (Community, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate) will work.  

3) Install by opening a command shell in your home directory and type
shell> wine SQLyog-8.7.0-2.exe (or whatever the program version/installer file name)
The installer starts, runs and terminates quite as it does on Windows. Choose the folder /home/me/programs/sqlyog for installation. The installer creates it if it does not exist. Depending on your Linux distro and desktop environment a SQLyog icon may be added to the desktop and what 'program launch' menu system the actual Linux distribution has.

4) To execute SQLyog for instance open a command shell and type
shell> wine {path to SQLyog executable}SQLyog.exe

.. and you are up and running.  If you installed a version that requires registration SQLyog will prompt for registration details at startup.  Enter those. Registration information is saved by Wine exactly as on a 'real' Windows.

You may add SQLyog to your Linux desktop and/or menu system using the same command ("wine {path to SQLyog executable}SQLyog.exe"). Also most Linux desktops have an option to associate the .exe extension with wine.

One specific issue with fonts may occur with some older Linux distro's and with Linux installations that have a very minimal set of fonts installed. SQLyog has been compiled with native Windows libraries ('API's) that assume existence of the basic Windows fonts on the system. Without those fonts menus etc. are not always displayed very beautifully by Wine (unless Wine finds another appropriate font in the underlying Linux system that 'fits'). If you encounter this you should check if you Linux distro has an option to install the 'Microsoft Core Fonts'. If not you can install the 'Microsoft Core Fonts' in Wine. They are - for instance - available from here.

Alternatively the fonts of the 'Bitstream Vera' font family that is a part of most Linux distributions works fine in most Linux environments - though most often not quite as beautiful as the Microsoft fonts do. Go to SQLyog menu .. tools .. preferences .. editor and select fonts that will work in your environment.

Picture below shows SQLyog 8.7 running on Ubuntu Linux.

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Comment of Peter Laursen:
January 2006: Just in: We now also have positive responses from users using SQLyog with the commercial WINE-port 'Crossover Office'
Added at: 2038-01-19 04:14

Comment of all_in_sane:
Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy
Wine wine-0.9.32

Great program, just wanted to confirm this, I have been running webyog on wine for more then 6 mos without exception.

Thanks Guys.

Added at: 2007-03-17 05:33

Comment of Juan Noriega:
It's very easy to install using wine and it works perfect (well a little graphics bugs)... i'm using kubuntu 7.04(feisty) 64bits and wine 0.9.36 32bits. the only problem i had was that it needed the gdiplus.dll but i got it from and that was all.

Added at: 2007-04-29 18:58

Comment of werther:
I've succesfully run SQLyog Community Edition by Wine on FreeBSD 7.0 RC-1 installed on IBM T23 laptop.

The way (installation from ports):

%cd /usr/ports/emulators/wine
# make && make install && make distclean && rehash
# cd ../../x11-fonts/webfonts
# make && make install && make distclean && rehash
# vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf

insert this line into xorg.conf:
FontPath "/usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/webfonts/"

# exit

choose emulation of Win98


%wine SQLyog615.exe
%wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/SQLyog/SQLyog.exe


Thanks to SQLyog team, but I still wait for native, *nix distribution. ;)
Added at: 2008-01-15 16:34

Comment of Glenn:
I have SQLyog running on Ubuntu 10.04 and Wine 1.1.42.

Everything seems to work fine apart from the Schema Designer, which crashes on every use.

Would like to know if this would be possible to fix somehow?

Added at: 2010-10-07 14:40

Comment of Peter Laursen:
We have no other reports about such crash in Schema Designer and also never experienced this ourselves.

Please report to our Forums if you still encounter this. It may be specific for a specific wine version and graphics hardware and driver. The comments section here is not a proper place to exchange a lot of information.
Added at: 2010-10-19 13:21

Comment of Marjolein:
I wondered why the bits of code (SQL, Objects) were so badly formatted... until I realized it was using a proportional font. Went to Settings and changed all to DejaVu Sans Mono, and now it all looks spiffy again. :) Found no other problems so far (installed SQLyog Enterprise 8.01 in Wine on Debian) - great!
Added at: 2013-05-05 15:03

Comment of Ewan Valentine:
I don't understand why people make software for developers and don't make solid Linux versions? Linux is mostly used by developers, programmers and certainly database administrators, surely it would make sense to work on porting a version to Linux, even if it was just Debian based distro's
Added at: 2013-09-05 16:15