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Error No. 2005: Unknown MySQL server host...


The error message

Error No. 2005: Unknown MySQL server host 'some_URL_or_ip'


simply means that connection is not possible for the following (or similar) reasons:


A protocol is specified in the "MySQL host address" field of the SQLyog Connection Manager that does not support MySQL connection. It is a common mistake among beginners to use "http://...". Don't! Just "" or "" or "localhost" (if the webserver and the MySQL server is running on the same computer). When connecting to a remote network you may need to ask the Sys Admin there for the correct URL to use for addressing the MySQL server.


However if you use HTTP-tunneling the URL-field on the Tunnel -tab of the SQLyog Connection Manager should be a complete URL with the "http://" protocol specified. This is because the tunneling script must be addressed through a webserver (that is the idea of HTTP-tunneling!).


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Comment of O:
What could be another reason if all data (host-login-pass) work fine on other native gui clients? I was trying to use Sqlyog 7.11 on Fedora 15 64-bit via wine.
Added at: 2011-10-27 10:16