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Do I need PHP to use SQLyog with MySQL?




You won't need PHP or any PHP-based tool like phpMyAdmin. All you need is MySQL and SQLyog. But of course if you want to use your MySQL database with a website you must use a scripting language (PHP, ASP or JSP for instance)and the corresponding "preprocessor" must installed with the web(HTTP-)server. That is because a webserver without such extension is not able to connect to MySQL and interpret data from a database.


However - you can continue to use SQLyog and the SQLyog Job Agent (SJA) for administering your databases and for performing database maintenance, data import, and synchronization with other MySQL databases etc., no matter which other type of connections are made to the database.


Even if the TCP-port (3306) normally used by the MySQL server is blocked (as often is the case at ISP's) SQLyog still let you connect using HTTP(s)-tunneling or SSH-tunneling.


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