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What is and what is not imported by the SQLyog Import External Data Tool?


The SQLyog Import External Data Tool as of SQLyog 4.1 and later will import


and it will - of course - create the type definitions for the table columns in the process. Note that the ODBC-driver will 'propose' a transformation of the datatype when importing a datatype from the ODBC-database if the corresponding MySQL datatype is not completely identical. For instance a MS SQL Server varchar-type is too long to fit into a MySQL 4.x varchar. It must be transformed to a MySQL text or blob type. However the SQLyog Import External Data Tool gives you the option to 'override' the 'proposal' of the ODBC-driver. So for instance: if the driver says blob you can choose mediumtext instead if you like.

METADATA that is

  • (ordinary) indexes, including – of course – unique indexes
  • primary keys
  • foreign keys
Note that to import Foreign Keys you must use a Storage Engine with MySQL that supports this. That does with MySQL versions up to 5.0 in practice mean that you must use the InnoDB storage engine

It does not attempt to import

OBJECTS such as

  • Stored Procedures and Functions
  • Triggers
  • Views
No matter if the ODBC source and the MySQL version support these features or not.

Also note that the ODBC-import Tool as of SQLyog version 4.0 and before only imports DATA themselves.


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