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Wrong results are returned for FOUND_ROWS().


FOUND_ROWS() is an 'information function' in MySQL. The use of it is that you can use a LIMIT clause to reduce the result set and also retrieve a rowcount for the table from the same query like "SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS * FROM tbl_name LIMIT"

It is described in MySQL manual here:

Notice in particular this: "In the absence of the SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS option in the most recent successful SELECT statement, FOUND_ROWS() returns the number of rows in the result set returned by that statement." 

That can be a problem with GUI tools because they may execute SELECT statements (mostly SELECT .. FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA ..) in order provide user with information in the GUI. SQLyog will mostly use SHOW statements, but there are places where we SELECT .. FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA .. because it is most efficient or because it is the only option.

1) Sometimes when populating Object Browser details for 'stored programs'
2) For getting profiling information for the Query Profiler feature. It is not feasible unfortunately to use a SHOW statement instead of SELECT .. FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA .. The SHOW PROFILES statement may return a much too large dataset to be handled efficiently (as there is no option to use a LIKE-clause or a WHERE-clause with SHOW PROFILES).

The problem with FOUND_ROWS() is that it is conflicting with the Query Profiler as Profiler will SELECT .. FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA ... To use FOUND_ROWS() you will have to turn Query Profiler OFF. If you don't FOUND_ROWS() will return a rowcount for the ´profiling´ table in Information_Schema and not a rowcount for the table where user executed his query. We are considering how we could at least warn about this, of course.


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