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Our First Anniversary

In a few hours from now the Webyog FAQ has been online for 100 days. It has also now reached a 'mature' stage. Of course new entries will occur in the future as Webyog products and MySQL are developing. New problems may arise that give cause for new postings as well as rewriting and rearranging things within the FAQ. But we have reached what was the goal when we started: to answer the most 'Frequently Asked Questions' about SQLyog.

The number of visitor here keeps rising for each day. We have had about 33.000 visitors since we started. Recently it is almost 500 per day. Quite a lot of the 'visitors' however are Search Engines and other sorts of robots. The number of 'real human visitors' is around 10.000 per month - and keeps rising. But each of you are welcome!

Remember too, that you are still welcome to post comments to each entry, and you can use the 'Add Content' -functionality to propose new entries, changes or just anything relevant to the Webyog FAQ. It will not show up in public until an Admin has approved it.

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