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FAQ software updated once again.

Latest update of the FAQ software was May 13th 2006, where we updated to 1.6.1. As usual you should post a note if there is an issue of some kind or if some part of the upgrade process was missed. The 1.6.x series is a major update - for admins as well as for users.

The administrative backend is totally revamped, and everything is now much easier and faster for us. For users there is an "advanced search" that lets you search inside a single category. Each article now has a unique ID. That you can refer to and use with the search. Another new feature is a 'breadcrump navigation' bar on the top of each article. Thanks to Hans and Grethe for inventing this! ;-)

We also implemented the spam protection now available. There are two parts of this: 1) a 'bad word blocker' and 2) Captchas. To enter data ('add comment' or 'add content') you will have to solve such captchas (in the form of a graphical display of six characters: A-Z and 1-9. UPPERCASEs and LOWERCASEs are considered identical by the system and so are '0' (zero) and 'O' (letter 'O')). We have also chosen some VERY clear fonts for generating the graphics, so I don't think you will ever meet one that you cannot solve. However, should it happen, just press the 'refresh' button of your browser and you will have a new one. I don't hope you'll mind this, but some phpMyFAQ systems have been plagued a lot by robotized spam. We hope to prevent this before it happens!

The new update also introduces a wiki-like revision control system. We don't make much use of that now, but may decide to do in the future.

To ask questions you should still go to our Forums. However you can comment on each FAQ here and propose new entries as well. Comments are available to users immediately; proposals must be approved by an Admin.

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