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A few issues were there!

Shortly after the upgrade to 2.02 we noticed that search was broken.  This is now fixed.  Also 'inline graphics' did not display.  Also this has been fixed. It seems that URL's in the topic's BLOB data in the database were distorted by the upgrade process!

We also changed the colors. The default color scheme was pretty much 'screamy' - the new one uses same colors as the rest of our website and won't blow you off your chair!

Finally a very moderate 'clean up' has been done in comments.  3 posts were deleted.  One is obviously spammed.  Another two were old support requests for issues solved long ago (and both should have been posted to our Forums instead actually). We might 'clean up' a few more such wrong-placed comments soon.

BTW: Did you notice that you can now propose a translation of the FAQs here to other languages?

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