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FAQ software updated.

We updated the FAQ software from version 1.5.0 to 1.5.2 for two reasons: 1)  a security bug with the old version became known about 2 days ago and 2)  new version fixes a bug with the admin panel.  We have had some problems with the new code and the php-configuration (I guess).  For short periods the FAQ\'s could have had some garbage characters in headers etc. when browser language was not English or German.  You can take it easy.  It is not a problem with your PC or your eyes or brain!  We apologize for any unrest that this may have caused :-)

We are waiting anxiously for next major release (hope to have it as a Christmas present!).

BTW: of course we use SQLyog too for editing the FAQ entries (and this entry as well). The FAQ admin panel is php-based and has same drawback as phpMyAdmin - it is slow! And writing HTML in the SQLyog BLOB-viewer gives much more control than does a forms-control in a webpage. Maybe one should propose extended HTML-support for the BLOB-viewer ?! Would be great for Forums etc ... Works fine here! No problem either to paste HTML from programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver into the SQLyog BLOB-viewer

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