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A little statistics ...

The webyog FAQ has proved to be a success.  It has now been up for about 2 months.  The average number of visitors per day since it started is 258 (as of 2005-11-03). That sums up to more than 15.000 visits. And it is steadily increasing. For the last 2 weeks alone average is close to 400 visitors per day - equal to more than 100.000 per year. The 'biggest hits' are the entries concerning connectivity issues.  I believe that a lot of visitors are not SQLyog users (yet!).  A lot of visitors come here from a Google search.

We also experience a dramatically decreased number of support questions in the Forums and in our support mailbox on the issues dealt with in the FAQ. 

I believe the FAQ is now about half complete.  There are still empty categories.  Don't forget that you are welcome to write/propose a FAQ entry yourself and post it using the ADD CONTENT functionality.  We will then have a look at how to integrate your proposals with the system.


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