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Firefox plug-in for Webyog FAQ now available!

Due to the overwhelming response from the network community to the Webyog FAQ, a Firefox plug-in for searching the Webyog FAQ is now available.  We and the Mozilla  Foundation now make it possible for you to search the webyog FAQ directly from the searchbar in the Firefox Browser. Once you have installed the plug-in you won't have to go to the Webyog website to search our FAQ but can do so no matter which page is displayed in your browser at the time. It displays just like Google, Yahoo, E-bay, Wikipedia (and all the other places where people used to search before the Webyog FAQ came into existence) does. It looks like below when it has been installed. 

The Mozilla Foundation was worried that their servers might not be powerful enough to meet the demand. So we have agreed that you should just download it from our server instead. To do so, just click "Search FAQ" above and next "Install Firefox search plug-in". Now the Webyog FAQ-Firefox plug-in is installed.

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