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Types of support that Webyog offers


Webyog offers 3 types of support.

1) This FAQ
2) The Forums
3) Our web-based help-disk system at

Help-disk is (in principle) for registered users with priority support only. But we never refuse to investigate bug reports, no matter where and how they are reported

Due to ever-increasing amounts of spam, virus mails and other sorts of malicious attacks the direct support-mail account (supportALPHAwebyogDOTcom) is no longer available. Any mail that we receive on this account will have an automated reply with a link to the help-disk system. If you think that things this way have become more 'impersonal' we can only regret that. We have had no choice as we cannot afford to have our server and mail accounts compromised. And you will still have your support requests handled exactly as devoted as was the case before.

In case you experience any problem then first search the program help file and the FAQ for a solution. If that does not help you, then go to the Forums or use the help-disk system. It is always important to describe:

* Program (SQLyog) version
* MySQL server version(s)
* Connection type (direct, HTTP or SSH tunneling)
* Storage engine(s) - especially when not MyISAM
* The platform on which the server runs
* Any unusual server configuration (be that a special character set, ANSI-mode or whatever).
* Also a reproducible test case is always much appreciated
* ... and we love screen-dumps!
* Anything else that we need, we will ask for in the support process.

In case you want us to assist in some complicated issue that is not really support (i.e. a problem with the program) but for instance assistance to use it (for instance assistance to set up a complicated system of SJA jobfiles) we might be able to do so in terms of consultancy service. Feel free to contact us in that case.


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