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Welcome to the SQLyog FAQ


Welcome to this FAQ. We hope that users having problems will find solutions to the most common problems here. With the introduction of this FAQ, we also hope the users will experience an overall quality lift in SQLyog support. For the first about three months of it existence this FAQ has 'compiled' answers to the most common questions from the Webyog Forums and from our support mailbox. Of course new entries will be added in the future as Webyog products and MySQL are developing. New issues and questions may arouse that give cause for new postings as well rearranging things within the FAQ.

Please go through any related item here (and the program help file as well) before asking question in the Forums and before asking support at our online-help-desk system

We have enabled a feature of this FAQ system that makes it possible for users to add content. If you have an important point, an experience or anything else that you think would make this FAQ more useful then use this facility! But please note that any user posting here must be approved by an admin before it shows up in public. The admin may decide not to use it, move it to another category, use it as input for something that he writes himself etc. We hope that you will understand this. A strict discipline is necessary if structure of this FAQ shall continue to be logical and easy to navigate.

You also can add comments to existing entries. Use that if you have something to say that enhances or clarifies an existing entry of the FAQ. Comments will show up to other users immediately without the need of approval by an Admin. But we are - of course - watching it!


Please also understand the difference between a Forum and a FAQ before posting any content or comment in the FAQ. The FAQ should have a logical tree-structure and be easy to navigate, and anything here should be of lasting value. In the Forums day-to-day issues come up, and anybody is welcome to post anything (of some relevance!) that is not insulting to others. You can put it the way that in the Forums the users rule. In the FAQ the admins rule!


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