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Will I need a SQLyog license for each MySQL server that I need to access?


No, the licensing policy for SQLyog is client-based, not server-based.

That means that you require one license for each PC that will have SQLyog installed in it. However, you can manage an unlimited number of servers from one copy of SQLyog.

However individuals purchasing a single license may install a copy on a stationary computer and a laptop as well provided that this individual is the only user of the program and the two installed versions are not in use simultaneously.

We also offer an OEM licensing program for the complete SQLyog program suite or parts of it (such as the SQLyog Job Agent - SJA). ISV's can embed the SJA in their applications/solutions and hosting providers can offer their customers the best available management tool for MySQL databases.

You are always welcome to contact us to discuss volume sales of any kind. Start creating a 'ticket' here: and we will find an appropriate way to contact you.

We realize that organizations and their needs differ - some are very centralized and "physical" in their existence; others are "distributed" and "virtual". Some will need a number the standard products - others specially tailored 'packages'.


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