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Upgrade Policy


A license for SQLyog Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate is bundled with a 1-year subscription. After that you must purchase an upgrade in order still to have a valid subscription. A valid subscription qualifies you for

  • download, install and use of any new program version released in the registration period - no matter the program version number
  • 1 month installation support

In case your upgrade before the expiry of your current license we will of course add a full year to the period, no matter the date of the upgrade.

Upgrades are available at special upgrade prices. The various discount rates may be subject to change. Shortly (around 1 week) before the current free upgrade period expires our Customer Portal will provide the information and a direct link to purchase an upgrade. If you want exchange your current license with another type of license (like upgrading to a higher numner of users or replace a license for a single product with a license for more of our products) then please contact us at

We recommend that when you are registering your new product that you choose to have emails from us so that you will be notified by email before your current free upgrade period expires.?

With a valid license and an expired subscription you may of course continue to use the program versions that were released before your subscription expired. But please read this: We do not distribute old program versions under any circumstance. It is your own responsibility to keep a copy of the installer at a safe place. As a registered user with a valid subscription you can always download the latest stable version from our website.


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