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Buying and Licensing SQLyog

SQLyog Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate are available from our webshop. You will have the registration details sent with e-mail. Be careful to check that e-mail address is entered correctly! There are various payment options including Credit Card, Paypal and Purchase Order.
. You may also contact

For upgrading users this applies: To upgrade go to our Customer Portal. First request a password for this Portal (it will be mailed to you), next logon with that password and any available upgrade offer will be displayed.

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Comment of daniel bath:
no instructions or obvious means of entering registration code for sqlyog enterprise
Added at: 2008-12-08 05:13

Comment of Peter Laursen:
There is nothing to explain, really. Because the free downloadable TRIAL cannot be registered. Only registered/paying customers have access to download the REGISTERED version. The REGISTERED version will prompt for details when required.
Added at: 2009-03-12 11:29