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MySQL 5 objects are greyed out in "copy DB to other host" dialogue.


MySQL version 5 objects (Views, Stored Procedures and Functions) are greyed out in "copy DB to other host" dialogue and the objects are not created with the database copied to.

That happens when the names of the two databases involved are different. It is due to the fact that MySQL returns the SP, Function, Trigger and View definition with database name in it. Thus it looks like:

create procedure db_name.xxxxxx ( .... )

It is very difficult and time-consuming coding to correctly strip out the database name and execute it in a different context automatically. Further we have been informed that the format of what is returned will change with a future MySQL version 5 releases. We have decided then not to spend time with it at this point time. When MySQL comes up with their final solution we will adjust accordingly.

Until then database names must be identical to copy MySQL version 5 objects.


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