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I execute a query but it is not written to HISTORY.


You experience that when you execute a query it is not written to HISTORY. The query itself executes correctly.

The reason is that your query is too big to be logged to HISTORY. Queries exceeding 4 KB in size are not logged. The reason is that HISTORY is kept in memory. And to avoid memory use 'build up' this limit was introduced with a previous SQLyog version.

The 4 KB limit is not configurable.

Statements can be MB's, GB's in size so it has been necessary to introduce this limit. For instance a single LONGTEXT or LONGBLOB variable can be as big as 4 GB.


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Comment of Robc:
I am experiencing a similar problem on a very short but very slow query, not written to history... I know it is coming from SQLyog because the user and IP can only match this program. So... even on a large query why not write a placeholder to history? "Query executed: too long to show"
Added at: 2012-10-13 18:54

Comment of Peter Laursen:
@Rob .. Please do not use our FAQ to ask support. Support is available from our Forums at and from The option to comment here should only be used if you have comments that will help other people. To ask help for yourself please use the above-mentioned support options. -- Peter -- Webyog
Added at: 2012-10-14 13:13