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The 'remove comment' functionality does not remove all comments.


SQLyog GUI provides an option to highlight any set of statements in the Editor and 'comment-out' those statements. And to revert back again (un-commenting) too, of course.

The purpose of this is to provide a fast way to 'exclude' one or more statements in an Editor tab from execution with 'execute all'. It simply does so by replacing



-- this_statement;

The 'remove comments' functionality only removes this type of comments and only when they start on the first position of the line

This means that all comments like

# comment

some_statement; -- comment here not starting at first position

/* comment */

/* multi-
comment */

are not touched. And it never was the intention to do!

If you use SQLyog as your only or primary GUI-client you can reserve the

-- style comments

for use with the SQLyog add/remove comments functionality and use the other available comment-styles for comments that should be permanent in the code.


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