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Do I need to replace the PHP tunneler file when I upgrade SQLyog?

Generally not.

You only need to upgrade the PHP file if we have made any changes to the PHP file shipped with that version of SQLyog. While we release upgrades to SQLyog frequently, the PHP file does not change for months in general. We try as much as we can to avoid changes to the tunneler as we realize that for users that connect to many servers using HTTP-tunnel it would be an annoyance.

So in summary you can go ahead and use the latest version of SQLyog without worrying about the PHP file. The existing PHP file will normally work. Only when we make some changes to the PHP file, SQLyog will prompt you about the version mismatch and you need to replace the PHP file with the one shipped with the latest SQLyog.

When it is necessary to update the tunneler PHP code typical situations are:

Sometimes PHP itself changes. For instance when SQLyog 8.21 was released we had to update the tunneler because some functions were used in the old tunneler that are depreciated in PHP 5.3 (what was at the time being rolled out with new Linux distributions).

Sometimes we need to 'work around' bugs in PHP. Last time was with SQLyog 7.15 and the bug in PHP was this one.

Sometimes we may introduce new functionalities in SQLyog that will require changes to the tunneler if the new functionalities should also work with HTTP-tunneling. But that is actually several years ago now that happened last time.

Also note that the tunneler file version number identifies with what SQLyog version that particular version was first released. It does not tell that it only works with the particular SQLyog version having same number.

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