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Can I do a 'Silent Install' when installing SQLyog?

Yes, you can!

Network Administrators generally have the most use for a silent install. What a silent install does is to install the application with all of the default settings automatically. No windows appear that need to be responded to. Thus the install can be performed over a network without being physically where the networked machine is.

In the case of SQLyog, if you put a /S (it is case sensitive) after the installer package name in a command prompt it will install silently. After a few seconds SQLyog has been installed and you can use it…

From version 12.5 it is also possible to specify registration details on the command-line when doing a silent install using "/regname" and "/key" -switches. The sequence of switches "/S /regname Webyog /key abcd1-bcdf1" will register with "Webyog" as registration name and "abcd1-bcdf1" as registration key. The registration name and key can be "doubble quoted" - and must be, if they contain specific characters such as SPACE and COLON (in accordance with common Windows command-line syntax).

Using "/regname" and "/key" -switches requires Ultimate edition.

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