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Installation and upgrading

SQLyog is distributed with an automatic installer script. Just save it to your desktop and doubleclick the installation file. You will have an option to choose which folder on your system to install to.

To preserve settings etc. when upgrading just install over the old version. However if you want to keep your old version installed for a while (could be relevant when installing a beta-version!) then choose a new folder for the new version. Multiple installations will share the same settings (as stored in your 'user profile') unless you start SQLyog with the -dir parameter.

When upgrading then please take the time to read the "version history" here or in the help file.

You may also need to replace your HTTP-tunneling file at your ISP(s). But SQLyog will display an error message if program version and tunneling file versions do not match.

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Comment of jeremiah foster:
There is no mention of how to run the binary on linux. There is no man page, no packages for debian or Red Hat, i.e. a deb or a rpm. There is no documentation. These are serious drawbacks to widespread adoption of your tool. The very least that should happen is that you should build a man page.
Added at: 2006-09-21 13:17

Comment of Peter Laursen:
SQLyog is a Windows program. Windows programs do not have man pages! It does however run on Wine and is fully documented here: . To install a program in Wine you do not need RPM's or DEB's - you need (Windows) .exe's
Added at: 2006-10-04 18:46

Comment of Pranay:
Is there any Linux equivalent for Windows SQLYog? I tried using it with WINE. Its works good functionality wise, but has rendering issues and is comparatively very slow.
Added at: 2010-11-03 11:52

Comment of Peter Laursen:

Short answer is NO. But please do not ask questions to us in the FAQ. The option to comment is available for users that want to help other users. The FAQ itself explains the guidelines in this respect.

We have a Forums where you ask questions. Please detail your 'rendering issues' (in the Forums - not here!) and do not forget to tell exact Linux distro and exact Wine version
Added at: 2010-11-03 13:00