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Are there restrictions in the SQLyog TRIAL compared to the REGISTERED versions?


The TRIAL is identical to SQLyog Ultimate with the the restrictions:

* At startup as well as at exit it will show a window displaying how many days left in the trial period.

* Once the trial period is over it will exit immediately after showing the trial period expired window. The connection window will not appear.

* Data Sync will allow to sync only two tables per job executed.

* Scheduled Backup will allow only two objects to be exported per job executed. The two objects may be of identical type or different type (Tables, Stored Procedures etc.)

* Import External Data Tool will allow only 2 tables to be imported/migrated per job executed.

Note: Schema Synchronisation, Autocomplete, Query Builder, Schema Designer, Query Formatter, Query Profiler ans Schema Optimizer are unrestricted in the TRIAL as compared to the REGISTERED versions having the listed features.

And also note that all the features listed in this FAQ are features not available in neither the COMMUNTY or the PROFESSIONAL version.

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