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SQLyog has got far too many features for me! Can't it be more simple?


This is a question that we - with different variations - hear from time to time.

It is a classic problem with all powerful software applications! It has often been said that 90% of Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop users use only 10% of the features! SQLyog is not different in this respect

But SQLyog has been designed in such a way that the power features don’t come “in the way” of regular features. At least we try to do it that way. We will not remove the advanced features from the program however as we believe you will finally require the other features at some point of time.

Every program has a 'learning curve' but the 'learning curve' of SQLyog very short in the sense that SQLyog has been designed to make a newbie to MySQL productive in a short time. At the same time it will also make a MySQL poweruser more effective. We have experienced quite a lot of times when people (MySQL newbie's) have asked the above question that after a few days they returned saying something like "well actually it was not so hard. I now got my databases up and running and I even started using the advanced features of the program that at the beginning was a total mystery for me. Without the intuitivity of the SQLyog GUI I doubt that I'd have had a single table set up properly".


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